When this site was created, it was supposed to be a hosting spot for different photographers to show their pictures. Over the years it has changed concept. Now it's a place where I, Wim Bovens, show my pictures  of all sorts of birds of prey, vultures and owls included. These birds became a passion for me and I even work with them on a professional base, providing nest locations for barn owl, little owl and kestrels, but also I protect nests of marsh harriers. This site was set up in English to attract an international crowd of viewers.

I hope you enjoy these pictures, comments are always welcome. And please, don't forget to rate the pictures.


How does this site work:

In the gallery, press

1, the magnifying glass, to see the picture larger, you can scroll through the entire gallery.

2, the box with arrow, to see the picture larger and to rate the picture.

Search button works on words, so you can search for names of raptors in English and in Dutch, in the near future, the Latin names will be added.