Bengi Darboe -  Bird guide in The Gambia

In The Gambia, there are many bird guides who claim to know everything about birds. Some of them can be very aggressive offering their services just outside the hotel. This doesn't contribute to an enjoyable birding holiday.

Bengi isn't like that I found out. I met Bengi in the field, while we were both watching birds. As a former ranger, he knows all about birds, also by sound! He is a very social and patient guy with a ton of knowledge.

On a trip we asked him to arrange for us, he was exactly on time, got us to very interesting places where we saw a lot of special birds! He arranged very comfortable transportation. By far the best guide I met in The Gambia! I would recommend him to anyone! Please, if you do contact him, send him my regards (Wim Bovens).

You can contact Bengi:

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+220 7030391        
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